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A simple, cheap, and easy to make hitting aid for baseball, tennis, golf

I have gone thru the levels of baseball from T-ball, to All Stars, to college level as a proud and supportive grandparent. And during those years I developed a simple, cheap, and easy to make hitting aid using PVC pipe.

It's basically a vertical PVC pipe with an arm extending out from it. See the thumbnail pic.
It can be supported with a patio umbrella stand or it can be attached to a fence or garage/gym/club wall.

A wiffle ball hangs from a nylon cord that when hit correctly, will rotate up and around the supporting arm. The ball height is adjustable. And a batter can stand closer or away from the ball. Also the ball can be painted or marked to designate where the batter is supposed to hit it, etc...

It can be used for baseball, tennis, golf or wiffle ball practice.

A listing of the parts needed, plus info on how to construct one, are FREE and in a PDF file that can be downloaded on the internet. Just Google 1hitaid.pdf

I will try to attach the PDF file here.
There is still time before Christmas to make one for your slugger.

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