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Looking to get into a weeknight baseball league. Not-indy ball, just one of those adult amateur Sunday leagues/weeknight leagues. Played baseball through middle school but only played co-rec slow pitch in college. I'm about 5-11 160, can drive 70-low 80s machine pitching okay. Practiced at a hittrax cage and got clocked mid 70s-low 80s ball speed off the bat (metal, pitched machine balls), high 60s-low 70s throwing from the outfield. 

Any rec baseball players out there could give me insight? Good idea or would I be in over my head in an 18 and up league? Thanks!

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Andy-  Where do you live?  How old are you?

There are leagues all over the place. I'm sure you'd have no trouble finding an adult baseball league. The two biggest leagues that have a national presence are the MSBL and NABA. Click and you can get more info.  

My advice would be to find a league, connect with some guys and go to a practice.  See how you stack up.


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