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My current baseball season begins next week. And I'm looking for a way to honor my 33 year old baby sister who lost her battle with Breast Cancer in November just shy of her 34th birthday. Me and my buddy were going to get pink bats but viper the company that we were going to get the bats only offer a pink trophy bat. We also know that louisville also has a pink bat but it's like $75 a piece. I was wondering if anyone knows of a company who sells a pink bat at a better price or anyone has any other suggestions for honoring my sister. I also have a pink wristband that I plan to wear. I'm doing this to honor her and because she loved the game of softballl and was an extremely good catcher and had a better arm then I did. I just feel the need to know that she will never be forgotten. I know this is a weird request, but this community has always seemed to step up and help a player in need. So thank you in advance and In case anyone wants to know my sister was Amy Contursi.


Her Facebook Group Site I designed in her honor (Breathing For Amy)

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Amy Contursi (1976-2010)
Hi Justin. I'm sorry to say that I cannot help you but had to jump in here. I want to tip my hat to you. I'm really touched by what you are doing and your request is not weird at all. God bless you and your family. Sorry I'm not able to help out.

  First I`ll say sorry for your loss and honoring your sister is a very touching thing to do.  On the Pink bat, you could take one of your own bats and remove the current finish and apply a pink finish to it yourself. I`m sure a local hardware store or home improvment center would be glad to work with you  on it. When I was a kid my dad would refinish my wood bats dark brown like my favorite player George Foster`s bats were in the late 70`s. 

Justin: That's wonderful what you're doing. Check with Barnstable Bat Co? they have a group here on CheckSwing  Good luck...


Idea: What about designing/selling a Tshirt in her honor..saw a segment on CNN... tshirts and other items, you can design yourself..sell them at games, on line etc and donate proceeds to Komen or another Cancer Research's very honorable what your doing.




Justin, please call me 508 362 8046. Did you know my friend Ray Tunquist on Spanktown Road ? Tom at Barnstable Bat
No I do not know ray Tunquist on Spanktown rd.
What about pink softballs?

Or putting a pink grip on your bats?



I'm so very sorry to read of your sister's passing.  My deepese condolences!  How about honoring your sister's memory with the kids buying pink wrist bands (the color of the fight against breast cancer).  The mone would go toward a breast cancer charity of your choosing.

I am a professional bat maker in California.  How many pink bats do you want?  Can they be ASH ?
I would need three one for me my best friend and dad. Just let me know your pricing and thank you for getting back to me so quickly.
Hello Justin,

We'd be happy to help you honor your sister.

My Company Sandlot Stiks makes the Pink game bats too, I'm sure any of the other bat companies here on Check swing would be happy to make them too. There are some good guys in the Wood Bat makers group. If you'd like give me a call. I'd like to talk to you about this.

Best Regards,
Chris Corso
Sandlot Stiks

I think you are right on with the pink wristband.  That way you are displaying it both when you are batting/running, and when you are in the field.  One notion I came up with, to incorporate her love of softball and being a catcher, is to wear a pink visor backwards under your batting helmet.  A visor because it symbolizes softball, backwards under the helmet to symbolize the catcher position, and pink for the obvious breast cancer awareness significance.


I will say a prayer for you, your family, and most of all your sister, AMY CONTURSI.


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