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what are the best, craziest, superstitions you've seen, heard or believe in?

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Nothing special.
I liked my uniform in a special way and that when I open my bag, I see nothing else than my number, the right way up.
Part of me believed in my lucky shoes..
I played with a guy who wouldn't go inside the on-deck circle. So guys used to deliberately toss the donut in there just to watch him fish it out with his bat. It was funny.
In High School we had a very talented on the field but not very street smart short stop. He was also very high strung before games. We had a vending machine by the locker room and in the "E6" code of the vending machine was always Snickers. We would pitch in on game day and buy all of the "E6" snickers before the game and tell him all the "E6"'s were gone for the day. Kind of corny, but I guess most superstitions are as well. It worked on him and I guess that is all that matters.
well, I always say that "I'm not superstitious, it's just baseball..." but I've got some quirks.

I always put a line in the chalk with the front cleat on my right foot.

Nobody can pick up the ball from the mound and toss it to me for warm-ups. I have to pick it up with a flick-n-roll into my glove.

After an out when the ball is thrown around, my 3B hands me the ball and says "What do ya say?" My response, "Let's have some fun."

I take 2 sunflower seeds in my mouth to the mound. After the first out I eat one and spit the shell. After the second out I eat the second and spit the shell.

My warm-up pitches are always 2 fastballs, curveball, slider, change up from the stretch.

Yeah, I think that's about all of them... that I know of.
Hey this is Pat's son, Luke. I have a few.
1. Always where my pants up.
2. Unbutton my first two buttons of my jersey.
3.Always put my wristbands on last when I get dressed.
4.Whenever I am on-deck I always wiggle my bat like Gary Sheffield to get my hands loose.
5. Before every pitch when I am hitting I pull my jersey up on my left shoulder(kind of like Ichiro).
Luke- Great stuff. Whatever gets you focused and in the mindset to hit... keep doing it!
When I was in college, I was a starting pitcher. The nice thing about that is being able to prepare mentally. My superstition started in College. I would stop talking to people the night before a start at 7pm. I would carry a ball around in my hand and work on my different grips and actually visualize hitting the target. Now here comes the really interesting part. Right before I would head to the field I would lock my dorm room door and put Guns n Roses Knocking on heavens door, and November Rain on my headphones and just close my eyes and think about pitching and hitting all my spots for that game. Not the wierdest that you've heard, but it worked for me.
When I played first base I would never step on any chalk lines. Big no-no. Even today I won't step on baseball chalk lines or any painted lines on the street or parking lots.

In high school I played a year with a ken Griffey Jr. baseball card in my hat.

Jeff Wise
I never ever step on the baselines either, there is this wierd feeling of it just doesn't feel right when I got onto the field, that stepping on a line almot felt against the rules. One of the other things that I started this past year, My grandmother passed away and she was like a mother to me. I put her initials on my hat and I wear a necklace that she gave me. before every inning, I back off the mound and face the outfield, I take my necklace and I kiss it and then point up to my grandmother and then turn around and step onto the mound. I take those few seconds and think about her and that helps clear my mind to pitch.


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