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What are the core responsibilities of a 1st base coach and a 3rd base coach during the game?

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Well, in this case I did not walk off the bag. It was at first and I over ran it and never returned to the bag. Had there been a base coach, he would have allerted me that the ball was dropped. I stil think in order to "get the call right", the umpire should have allowed me to retain the base since you are allowed to over run first. I had never returned to first after over running it. What if I just wanted to go pick up my batting gloves that fell out of my pocket? You should only be tagged out if you make an attempt to reach second. I was still in foul territory when they tagged me.

Mike : I think that you should take a look at rule 7. 08 ( j ). which says in part, "If, after overrunning or over sliding first base he starts toward the dugout, or toward his position, and fails to return to 1st base at once, he is out, on appeal, when he or the base is tagged. The casebook instructs umpires to interpret "at once" as meaning "with reasonable speed." If a player running to 1st makes his turn toward the dugout, or goes toward his position or otherwise gives indication of not being alert to the situation, then the appeal shall be allowed if asked for. I think that the umpire ruled correctly by calling you out since, by your own admission, you started walking toward your dugout. You overlooked a cardinal rule of base running. Stay on the base until the umpire calls you out. True, you didn't hear a "safe" call but you didn't hear an "out" call either so you should have gone right back to first. Sorry but I think that you'll have to take a demerit for this one. As Casey used to say, "You could look it up."

Thomas, don't get him started PLEASE!!! 

Mike, I will argue philosophy all day using common sense and logic, but a rule is a rule.  I looked it up so the ump made the right judgement call.  He still has to interpret weather you are abandoning your turn on the bases, therefore, my example of going to pick up my batting gloves should not be interpreted as giving up the base.

I did not argue the call at the time because, like I said, we should have had a coach out there. That was my main point as a responsibility of the base coach.  To always stay on base untill the umpire calls you out again slows down the game so if you know you are out then get off the field.  That is all I was doing but yes, I was rightly called out on appeal.

I did not know you can tag the base.  

Also, I believe he contradicts himself.  He states he was walking towards his dugout on the infield side of the base.  Then says he was in foul territory.  How does that work if the entire base is in fair territory?  

OK, the call was correct. Next case

Over run first and peel off into foul territory, assume the out, and start walking in a straight line back to the third base dugout.  I would not cross into fair territory until over half way to home.  No contradiction there.  Rule says out, so be it.  My point was that base coaches are important to prevent this mistake.  All that about not knowing if that was a correct call was just a side topic for discussion and Thomas cleared that up.

What about WHO coaches the bases?  From youth to HS to College and even some minor leagues, it's always the manager/head coach coaching 3rd base and an assistant coaching 1st base.

Is this a good use of the coaching staff?  For the younger kids, there is so much going on in the dugout, I almost want to be in the dugout as the head coach and have assistants coaching the bases.

How is everyone handling this?

Bill, it's just a personal thing but I always coach from the dugout. My 3B and 1B coaches need to be focused on doing that job and I try to focus on mine. I get too wrapped up in managing the game to be at 1B or 3B. 

For me personally, I like coaching 3B while I also manage the team.  I find it makes me focus even more.  I have no problem splitting my attention with what is going on  and what I need to do.  This is just my thing.  


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