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Does anyone have experience coming back from a combination labrum tear (Slap repair) and out-of-place-capsule (dislocation/Bankart repair) ?

Torn labrum until recently often went undiagnosed - and even now it's not easy with a regular MRI.

I was diagnosed with a significant labrum tear and chose to go forward with the Slap repair surgery. When they got in there they found further damage consistent with a shoulder separation. The surgeon told me my "capsule" was out of place. My physical therapist has an accent and I thought she was saying "Bangkok" - but after doing some research I now realize she's saying 'Bankart.' I didn't know I dislocated my shoulder. This wasn't a huge surprise however - I'm a small guy, a sliver under 5'9" and barely 150 lbs. with all my gear on .. I've thrown violently since I was a kid and, I learned about 7 years ago that I have 'hyper-mobility' in most of my joints - so it seems reasonable to believe I literally threw my arm out of the socket.

My surgery was December 29, 2008 - about 3 1/2 months before my 39th birthday. I realize I'll be missing my first opening day in all of 11 seasons. Hopefully I won't lose the whole season - I'm targeting the halfway point - the first Sunday in July (in New York State that is the halfway point - sad but true.) But if rehab doesn't go well I'll probably have to shut it down for the whole season.

Has anyone come back from a similar surgery? Any thoughts, stories, advice, etc. would be appreciated.

The physical therapists I'm seeing do work with athletes. Still - I wonder if I need to find a baseball specialist to work on throwing technique and baseball specific exercises.

Again - ANY Input is appreciated. Thank you.

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Ron, How is it going? I know it is now July and you wanted to get back. Is the rehab going ok and are you throwing yet?
I had a torn labrum and torn rotator (rotor) cuff surgery with anchors, even bone spurs were shaved down, I did not pick up a baseball until 7 months later. My surgeon made me do all my own rehab, but the same doctor did work on others and they were given therapy. Different severity of damage calls for different rehabs. Two years later was on a winning team in msbl world series in Phoenix. Do not rush the recovery.


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