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I was wanting to get my son a custom glove from small business group like Rico or Rolin. Does anyone have a reason why I should or should not look at custom?

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I have two custom gloves. One from PM Custom and one from Crunoz. You pick your leather, colors, style and size. They are on par with the Rawlings Heart of the Hide and Wilson A2000.

Those are the only two custom gloves I have owned. I have heard mixed reviews about the quality of some of the cheaper custom gloves. Often they emphasize the custom colors over quality.

My grandson has used Rawlings Gold glove and wilson A2000 both stock and custom,  he has 3 custom gloves from Baraza.  Can't say enough good about these guys.  I dealt with a family member in San Antonio,  great to work with ,  very helpful,  rushed order for me and didn't have to.  When i thought I had a problem  ( slight fading ) I call to see if it could be re-dyed.  A few weeks later had brand new glove in mail,  didn't ask for it and I was willing to pay for a new dye job could it have been done,  Since then we have bought couple more for different positions,  Most recently 1st base mit, again ordered for birthday late and they got it done.  they are reasonably priced and seem to be quality,  may be slightly heavier than some others but have held up and performed great,  Give them a try

What is lacking from a good Rawlings or similar?  I have heard mixed results on quality.  I think it's about the colors and the "gee, I have something custom".

If there was a legitimate reason, I think you would see pros with them.

you can get pretty much and glove custom now,  they just get expensive and have lead time,  There are tons of them in the pros,  no real benefit unless you start changing hand size and stuff  the Baraza glove holds up well and is a lot less still excellent quality

Pros get paid thousands to play with name brands.  If you paid me thousands, I would wear a pink one of they wanted.  I couldn't care less about it being "custom."  I like supporting small business.  A lot of pros are starting to use these smaller brands as well.

I saw some of these companies when the first came out. I feel the leathers from Mexico are soft and stretch too much and wear out too soon. I have 3 custom Rawlings all the same HOH model. The last one s Pro Preferred mesh back. It's great. Check out 44 Pro from San Diego. They have Rawlings styles in lot of colors

Baraja been around a long time,  We haven't had a problem with quality at all ,  hold up very well no stitching ,  he also has A2000 custom,  really not much difference,  in fact the Mit may be better from Baraza,  the infield glove he uses A2000 only because it is the newest I think

That's good to hear about the mesh back Rawlings.  I was curious but never used one. 

i have a HOH mesh back as well ,  like it a lot and they are a little lighter because of the mesh,  only problem if you're not careful and get a lot of dirt the mesh will retain the dirt over time and get heavy\

Glovesmith excellent glove, only thing is the Curried Retanned steerhide is a little tough to break in, very stiff.

agree glove smith makes a quality product but it takes forever to break it in very stiff to the point that it is not comfortable at all,  would't recommend glove smith personally


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