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Defensive Catcher needed in Southern NY MSBL. Westchester-Putnam-Rockland-Bronx Counties

Hello all:

The White Plains Tigers - 2015 Westchester/Putnam MSBL champions are looking to add a catcher.  Division is 28+, but the team still has allowances available for players as young as 21.

We are a strong, all around team with exceptional pitching and defense.  Offense is highly opportunistic, with good power in the middle of the lineup.  However, our focus will continue to be on the defensive side, so we seek an excellent receiver with great pop time.

Very calm and confident dugout with excellent camaraderie amongst players.  We are umpire favorites, and seek to keep it that way.

Home field is in Central Westchester, and easily accessible from all directions via highway.

Please contact me here, or email directly at if interested.

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Hi Kagan. I can't help you as far as a catcher but I want to put my 2 cents in here. I've umpired a few games in which you were the manager and two things come to mind. 1. I better bring my "A" game as an ump because you will keep me on my toes. 2. You are a gentleman at ALL TIMES and even if I do miss one (and unlike some other umpires I'm not the least bit hesitant to admit I do miss them) you conduct yourself properly. We're all baseball people just trying to do the best we can. And I hope you find the catcher you are looking for. 

Thank you for your input Larry.  As I like to tell players; "How would you like it if the umpires yelled at us every time we made an error"?  LOL

I wish all umps were as conscientious about the job they do.

Look forward to seeing you out on the diamonds in a few months.

I also messaged you Coach.

Can't help you with the catcher but I can say congrats on the title. You guys surprised a lot of people and have a good bunch players on that team

Thanks Anthony,

I understand the Royals have reconsidered, and are back this year.  That leads me to believe you're re-loaded and ready to go.  :-)  We'll have our work cut out for us this year.

Our division has really become pretty competitive, which adds to the fun. It was just a matter of finding enough of the guys wanting to play another season


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