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Do pitchers really push off the rubber with their leg to give them velocity?

I hear some pitching coaches say push off the rubber with your back leg for velocity and some I hear say that real pitchers don't do that? What are your thoughts.
Video of Clemons.

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Proper leg lift and driving the hip to the plate will provide efficiency into foot strike, plus proper stride length (90%-95% of body height). The mound is sloped down, this is angular velocity. Body moves down hill. So if you have good leg lift and thrust with the hip into foot strike, then no you don't push off the rubber. Stand on the mound lift you leg and drive your hip towards the plate without a pitching rubber and you will not notice a difference. Momentum will take care of itself. Once the hip goes the body has to follow.
Velocity is a result of torque, separation of hips and shoulders after the stride foot has landed. Think of a golf swing. Golfers (the good ones) don't push into the swing. Hitters stride, but open the hips and keep the shoulders back to create energy. Forces moving in opposite directions. Twist a rubber band in opposite directions and let go. Most major league pitchers can create around 40 degrees of hip and shoulder separation. Also, you can only throw as hard as your arm can decelerate (slow down the arm after ball release).
For young players the push off creates stride and gets the momentum going towards the plate. Otherwise, the kids try to arm it all and hurt themselves without creating velocity. While the hips and upper body rotation create velocity, the younger kids will benefit from in line momentum to help with aim.

a little about me...a former minor league pitcher and current 12U travel team coach...the rubber itself has nothing to do with helping get velocity.  I can throw the same speed with or without an actual rubber.  As long as I can keep my pivot foot from slipping I will be fine.  Loading your weight on to your back leg and pushing  forward with that back leg gets you going forward.  Your pivot foot then rotates as your hips rotate and drags on the ground towards home plate just before releasing the ball.  



It's unfortunate that leg drive is ill defined and poorly misunderstood or miscommunicated.  It's one of those topics that get caught up in 95% belief when it should be defined along with the 5% of baseball that is research and science based. 
Pitchers do not push off the rubber if you watch pro pitchers throw their back will drag down the mound. This is called a drag line and the drag line should be down the center of the mound. They say the longer your drag line the more out front you get with your release. Velocity comes from late shoulder rotation. You most get your hips turned as much as you can before your shoulders start to turn. Remember the human eye only can foucas 32 frames per second and pitching is much faster then that so unless you video analzye your pitcher you really can not see what they are doing


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