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Hey everyone,

I am an avid baseball fanatic, played up through college ball and now enjoy the coaching aspect of the game. That being said, when it comes to working on my own swing or coaching others on theirs I have never found a hitting tool that I thought was worth while. The short one hand tools can be beneficial but there really isn't anything out there that allows you to hit real baseballs and definitely nothing that allows to take live batting practice. 

Recently a friend of mine introduced an idea of a hitting tool that finally addressed all of these problems and I fell in such love with the capability of the tool that I offered to help my friend sell them. We are just getting started and I would love for some of you to check out the product and give me some feedback on your thoughts. It would be greatly appreciated.

The bat is flat and forces the hitter to hit only using a small 3/4 inch edge and has a rectangle handle. What I found that it can do for hitters is that it forces players to not choke the handle too deep i their palms, and gets them to keep their hands level through the zone on contact. (I believe all would agree this is proper technique) The edge of the bat gives instant feedback to you when you are hitting with it and also will improve the general consistency of your swing. What I love most about it is the instant feedback allows more advanced players to work on their swing without a coach there to make corrections. 

If you would check the video I have on the website from one coach to another it would be a huge favor. Looking for any suggestions, thoughts or feedback on what you think about the bat and really want to talk more about it with some of you experts out there.   is the website. Check the video page to see how it works.

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hi Zach, this product looks interesting - what is it made out of? We carry a similar product that is more like an aluminum bat. Would be interested in selling it - you can email me at thanks!

Hey Bryan, The bat is made of HDPE. It's similar to a cutting board only we use a modified version for our bats. Can't hurt it, the stuff is great.

I think I have seen the aluminum version you speak of. The handle on it is round leaving the hitter to question the results on their hand placement or their swing. Can you hit full speed batting practice with it? 

I'll send you an email. 


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