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FREE EMAIL COURSE from MLB Infielder - 6 Secrets of Elite infielders

Do you work with infielders who are passionate about the game and want to get better???  You need to jump into this free email course from Rangers' infielder Doug Bernier. 

TX Rangers infielder Doug Bernier shares... 

  • The #1 most desired trait, rated by coaches & scouts, and how players can develop it 
  • 7 keys to reducing errors (and getting noticed by recruiters)
  • The secret to increasing range without sacrificing consistency (Hint: It's not "charge the ball" or any of the other worn out cliches) 
  • 3 practical tips for developing self-motivated, hardworking infielders The easiest way to spot below-average infielders (avoid this mistake at all costs!) 
  • Practical tips for increasing consistency, range, throwing accuracy and more!

 Click here to find out more.

Play hard ya'll,


"Baseball is life"

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