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We all love the playing the game of baseball.  I also love the conversations that take place during a game with your fellow players, coaches, or umpires during a game.  On my 28+ team, whenever I coach first and someone hits a dribbler by the pitcher for a hit, I usually greet them with, "Nice rip" or "You really hit the crap out of that one".  As another example, I remember reading about an exchange that Dustin Pedroia had with catcher, Joe Mauer, when he came up to the plate in a game against the Twins.  Pedroia already had a few hits in the game and Mauer said something like, "We can figure out how to get you out."  To which Pedroia replied... "You and everyone else in the American league."  Who can forget the exchanges that occurred on the field during Bull Durham.  Do you have any funny and/or memorable exchanges that you've had either with teammates, opposing players, or umpires during a game?  It could be anything...  From meetings on the mound, in the dugout before or after a big atbat, in the batters' box, or even between umpires.

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Several years back and being a playing coach we were in a tight ball game, and I noticed at the beginning of the game, that their 2nd baseman was using a trapper. So I told my players not say anything about the glove as I would appeal should he make a play on any of our players for an out. Well sure enough, we had runners at 2nd & 3rd with 2 out and situation is in 7th inning. My batter hits the ball to the 2nd baseman and throws out my batter-runner. 3 outs their cheering. I appeal to the umpire. Umpire calls out loud that the batter-runner is safe because the 2nd baseman is using an elligal glove. We score with runners at 1st & 3rd. When the plate umpire made the ruling out loud about the illegal glove and the batter-runner is safe,of course the 2nd baseman is upset. Here is what he said to the plate umpire,"How come you can see what kind of glove I am using from there and you can't see the balls and strikes !!! " Everybody had a great laugh including the umpires and no one was thrown out of the game. That call won us the game as we rallied.

Coach Paul... Winnipeg,Manitoba Canada 02/18/10 .. 12:31am
What is a "trapper"?
First one that comes to mind for me is an exchange with my catcher on signs. I can't remember why we were discussing this during the game, but here's how it went:

Catcher: What signs you want to use?
Me: Lets go with first sign after one.
Catcher (after a long pause): No no I don't want to use that. Let's use something else.
Me: I'm not hearing this right now.
Catcher: First sign after one is too complicated. Let's use first sign after two.
Me: Fine.

This happened in a AAA professional baseball game.

For the description of the group, you'll hear a lot after any ball hit softly with a full swing/jam shot/dribbler, etc:
"Grown man hit that ball"

there's more to come when I think of them.
LOL. Did he ever say (afterward) why the first sign after one was too complicated?
Last season, after one of our guys hit a dribbler, a buddy of mine hollers out...
The one that stands out to me is what an umpire said to us before the game started. He came to our bench and yelled out, "I need balls and money!" I couldn't help but think that in life, all we ever need is "balls" and money.
haha. indeed, you can get far in life with balls and money.
Blazing hot day in metro Philly area. Late in the game, (8th inn or so) we are up by 8 runs. I'm calling for all fastballs. Pitcher calls me out to the mound. I 'shake him off w/ a "No" . He calls me out there again, I say "No". He's getting upset, comes halfway to the plate puts his glove up to his mouth and says "...I have a curve, Jim..." I say "..yeah, but they ain't hitting the fastball.." Dudes on the other team are laughing their asses off...

Big lefty gets up, and just like the movie, I tell him the pitch and location. He jacks it 400+ ft over right centerfield wall. As he's crossing the plate, I look at him and give him the ole wink. Their bench now is in full uproar.

We ended up winning by 5, and laughing about it for the next few seasons
I remember one from high school that we never forgot, even to this day. It was a summer ball game, in northern Indiana at about 90 some degrees, and it was in the third inning. I was on the bench and our pitcher was getting ready to throw. Right when he got to the the leg lift position, the in-ground sprinklers turned on because the coach forgot to reset the timer. The pitcher was so surprised he finished the pitch but threw the ball halfway between the plate and mound nearly hitting one of the sprinklers. We harassed him forever about not raging against the sprinklers or to be careful in the third inning when it starts raining.
Dodger Stadium - we had a rather rotund young bat boy - he goes up and retrieves a bat at home plate - Johnny Bench is the catcher, he looks at the bat boy, looks into our dugout and yells to Tommy Lasorda "Your son?"
come on now..I was a "chunky kid" not rotund.....LOL
that one was funny!
LOL Did Lasorda say anything?


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