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   I'm sure many, if not all of you grew up playing wiffleball in your backyards as kids; smacking homeruns left and right off those nasty sliders.  Its the dream of all kids to hit that game winning homerun, or getting that last strikeout. a 22 yr old college kid, with little "baseball" experience, I still dream about it...only now I can get as close as I possibly can to doing that. 

   By playing wiffleball, I have not only made some incredible connections and relationships, but I've also fed my hunger for competition, a professional atmosphere, and truly hang it all on the line for the ultimate prize.  In the Golden Stick Wiffleball league, all of these prayers have been answered.  The explosion of this game is happening NOW! The amount of guys who played college ball and now play wiffle is incredible, and theres also the regular guy with a beer gut who is an extremely capable and effective player.  It may not be baseball, but I assure it's not your run of the mill slow pitch softball league. 

   Going into my second year in this League, and now with responsibilities on the marketing and maintenence of our NY Region, I can vow to you that it is better than any softball league, and the closest thing to a professional atmosphere within a "recreational" game.  The intensity is that of enormous proportions, as well as the competitiveness. 

   I ask you all, to take a look at our group pages and our website.  The growth of our game is only better off with quality baseball minds who can trasition themselves into an exploding sport. 


   Rob Longiaru

   Regional Director GSWL NY



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