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I have a question? What is the importance of Tee work. There are so many different tee's out there but all they do is hold a ball. It just seems like hitting off of a tee is sometimes a babysitting station for my players and that i walk away and come back to that station just to see my players taking hacks on the tee that are less than par. Any solutions?

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I personally find the tee very useful.  The benefits - you can use it on your own, it allows you to focus on hitting pitches in certain locations (seeing what happens when you let the ball get deep and hit it the opposite way), you can focus on seeing the bat hit the ball, you can practice swinging through the baseball, it's great when using the Insider Bat, and you get instant feedback.

Especially for young hitters, a tee is key to realizing the purpose and effect of proper 'contact points' in relation to where a pitch crosses the plate and grooving the feel for the approach to each.

Re "swinging through the baseball", the tee also enables you to set up your mostly-deflated volleyballs and basketballs to reinforce the swinging through concept and feel.

The tee is very valuable, and as mentioned in the reply above, its use is enhanced when supplemented by tools like the Insider Bat. In addition to the Insider Bat, our players (and an increasing number of MLB, MiLB, College, High School and travel players) are using the tee with the BASEBALLANCE, to work on establishing a strong, functional base and proper weight transfer while continuing work with eye hand coordination and bat path. Using the tee with the Insider Bat AND the BASEBALLANCE is a whole body, muscle memory approach that is producing great results.
I've been looking at a product called the ProXTee hitting system. Have you seen it before. What are your thoughts on it?
We never do BP without Tee work for same reasons mentioned in prior post. I try and challenge my players to realize that the tee is going to make them a better hitter. It does no good, in my opinion, to take hacks in the cage, using or reenforcing bad swing mechanics. The ones who want to get better at hitting take the tee seriously. Not to be harsh, but the game passes by those who choose not to.
It is the most important training aid in perfecting the swing.  A hitter has to understand how to use the tee and where the ball is suppose to go during the drills.  Example:  To ensure the hands stay inside the ball, with the tee in the neutral or center position the balls should all be hit into the right far corner of the net (right handed batter).  If you pull the ball, that indicates a flaw in the swing.  Never hit in the cage without first hitting on a Tee.  You can use the tee on the field and is excellent for solid contact and line drives.  Good hitters hit off the tee a minimum of five days a week.  I saw Ripken put on a demo at his complex in Myrtle Beach and was putting them off the fence and never once hit the tee.  It was an incredible display of bat control and solid contact with just the ball.  That set my standard of how to hit off a tee. 

My 13 yo loves the game that can be made of this...

When hitting (righty) off the tee in a tunnel we move an L-screen over to the right, about 50 ft away, such that it's top bar would be in line with the oppo alley. Then it's a game for points, 1 each for clanking that top rail.

No doubt the tee can be one of the more valuable tools in developing a good swing. I can also be detrimental to hitter if he is not shown how to approach his practice on the tee. If he kid is approaching the batting tee like approach the driving range with my driver than nothing good will ever come from hitting off of it.


I don't allow kids in our organization ( to pull balls off the tee. We have them work the barrel to the inside half of the ball and stay up the middle or into the opposite field gap. I'm a believe that the tee can help a hitter develop a good hand path inside the ball. It goes back to the old adage that practice doesn't make it perfect...perfect practice makes it perfect.


Obviously all the physical factors involved in developing a good swing has to take place when working on the tee. What I have found is that focusing on staying inside the ball and driving it up the middle or to the opposite gap brings the other important physical factors into the swing naturally. Not to say a player doesn't need to work on other parts of his swing, which you as instructor will determine, but this approach is a good start to teaching a kid the value of hitting off the tee.



Does anybody have any advice/opinions on the baseballbalance? I have never used this unit but looking at the videos it appears that there is a lot of weight transfer to the front foot which I am not sure is the best thing to do.
I agree.
To or toward? When weight is transferred, it has to go toward contact, but meets the resistance of a firm front leg. On flat ground, after this drill work, the hitter finds it nearly impossible to get his knee over his foot, therefore the weight transfer translates to flat ground as you would like and hope for. The use of the BASEBALLANCE exaggerates movements to teach an explosive back side and the rocking action forces the hitter to stay back (though it may appear to be demonstrating the opposite) because otherwise the hitter wouild "fall" off the front of the board. Like any drill work, it is muscle memory that occurs. When hitting from a tee, the ball is not moving, but when applied to a moving ball, the swing path and approach you have created are used efficiently. The BASEBALLANCE, according to the Indians organization and other MLB and MiLB players and coaches, is responsible for an explosive back side, a firm front side and higher power numbers for 2011.

Maybe it sends some mysterious kinetic message (like Reactive Neuromuscular Training (RNT)).

But those demos by coach were pretty bad. I wouldn't want anyone's muscles memorizing that mess of tentative, unexplosive, unstable, backside-spinning, poor dynamic balance mechanics.


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