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“How to do” Success.

Human nature dictates Players crave recognition.

Players kill themselves trying to please the Coaches, Parents or Teammates they care about.

Any member of a Player’s support group who asks the Player to change their skills in a distinct way can be assured the Player will do everything and anything they can to show the people they care about these skills.

However, unless the Player hears the right skills in the right order and asked to make the change at the right point within their movements, the probability the player finds the right combination of movements that’ll please their support group are, at best, minimal.

Because the People the Player cares about fail to see the skills the Player is working toward, without having a clue about how frustrating the process is that the Player is going through, innocently try to help by piling-on other skills the Player can try to achieve the first skill??? 

A Player receiving the satisfaction associated with high level success comes from a Coach presenting the right movement at the right spot in an understandable way.

The Coach’s direction lets the Player instantly please the People who are important to them and, as an added benefit, attract people they don’t even know to praise their performances.

For a Player’s mental and competitive stability, Players need to work with (or find) a Coach who doesn’t tell them “what to do”, but tells them “how to do” what they need to do.

Skip Fast,
Professional Pitching Institute
Master Pitching Coach

Cell or Text: 856-524-3248

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