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I have been working with a hitter for awhile now, in the cage his swing is really nice, power extension and even releases his top hand 100% of the time.  I went and watched him play and 100% of the time he does "not" release his top hand in games or scrimmages?  How can you get a player to take what he does in the cage and apply it in games.  I have had him hit off a machine, thrown from as far back as 50 feet, even wore a full uniform once, but again we were in the cage.  I even see him taking warmup cuts on deck releasing the top hand.

My next step is to go out to a field and throw from 60 feet and see if that will get him to take the cage swing to the field.  Only other thing I can think of is get a friend to throw live BP off the mound.  

Any suggestions? Other than putting vaseline on his top hand, don't think I haven't thought about that.

Thanks for any replies!


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