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I need players to take the Elite Athlete Assessment - Free. From the company that provides psych tests to MLB.

I need a sample of people to take the Elite Athlete Assessment for free.

It's the next generation of psych test created by the Sports Psychology Center, the provider of psych testing for MLB's draft picks in 2008 and 2009. It's no charge and no obligation and takes about 20 minutes to complete. here's the link to the test:

Thanks in advance.

Pat Ahearne

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I took it. It's a pretty interesting quiz. I like it.
Hey Sawyer,
Thanks for taking the quiz. It's only the beta form where we are getting a good sample. The results will be emailed so you can see how you compare. In the full scientifically validated test there will be a mental speed test as well. I'll keep you posted about when that is.

Feel free to pass the test on to your friends and team mates.

Thanks again,
I want to take the test!
Just took the quiz. Can't wait to see my results!
Alright, thanks Mr.Ahearne. Most of these quizzes are similar in questions when it comes to intimidation,mindset in situations,etc. This test however used many different categories which really impressed me. I am anxious to see my results.


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