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I could use some help with drills or a program to increase flexibility and mobility in baseball players. I have a great group of kids and their baseball skills are improving quickly.

It's just that we are not the most naturally athletic bunch. Lots of kids who are "stiff".

I could use some tips on how to increase overall flexibility, especially hip, ankle and shoulder mobility.


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Lunges lunges lunges.... And correct lunges at that. Knees don't touch, front shin straight up and down , back leg extended as much as possible. Then sink the hips into the ground without touching the ground and make sure the core or upper body is straight up throughout. Then with your hips, raise straight up. 10-20 each side. As you get better at that then you can start doing backwards, side to side and even 45 degrees. Strength with flexibility is a great thing to have

There is nothing better than yoga. Wall sits, lunges and planks for legs and core strength, but yoga for flexibility.

Flexibility is key to mobility and Stretching is key to flexibility.

Flexibility: Never stretch cold...always stretch after muscles are warm. ( including throwing.)

Always stretch after practice and game and in dugout cold days.

Mobility- consider any type of agility drill..especially those that mimic baseball moves but         

here is an idea that I dont think  baseball coaches rarely consider:

Look at agility drills for Linebackers and Defensive backs because they have to move quick  in every direction (which will help hip, ankle, and shoulder movements.)


Also do plyometrics to increase the fast twitch muscles along with core exercises. 

Pitchers:Younger pitchers can get a way with the above. as they get older and specialize in pitching...modify to the movements they make off the mound for bunts and slow rollers..

Catchers:can do agility drills where they start on knees.or in catchers positions.


We've used a variation of this over the last few years with our team, we'll be 12U this coming season.

Haven't had any injuries to any muscles groups, have had some turned ankles, fingers, etc., but no arm or leg issues.

Deep Squats(butt below knee level) light weight

Over/Under Track Hurddles



We do yoga as a part of our warm-up every day, even though the best time to work on mobility would be after practice.  We have 5 stations that run for 2 minutes each AFTER we get their heart rate up by either working on rundowns, or some other light drills with a baseball. 

The five stations are:

1.) Agility ladders

2.) Medball core work

3.) Crossover Symmetry Activation

4.) Yoga

5.) Dynamic stretching (lunges w/twists, skips, back lunges, etc..)

Each station runs for 2 minutes and when they are done, they've worked one core strength, agility, flexibility, mobility, and deceleration/shoulder health. 

Hope that helps!

Coach Kyle Nelson


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