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Have a 3 year old Nokona Baseball Glove that is very worked in to the point that it is very "floppy" for a lack of a better description. 

Anyone know of a way to get some stiffness back into the glove?

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   Really don't want to purchase another glove if possible. 


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Funny that I cam across this again.  I forgot all about posting it.


I'm still using and loving this Nokona.  Bought 2 Pro-Preferred gloves 2 years ago for about $700.  One for me and one for my son, who was playing JV at the time (now varsity).  These are great gloves, but simply don't have the feel of the Nokona.  I go out with my Rawlings game after game, and come back for my Nokona.  It just feels like I'm not wearing a glove at all.  Everything sticks, there's no trampoline effect at all, and I never fumble for the ball because I know EXACTLY where it is as soon as I catch it.

Last year, my son made an error with his Rawlings and I saw he was pissed.  Kept staring at his glove.  On a hunch, I went over and gave him my Nokona to try.  He didn't want to give it back after the game.  He steals it out of my bag all the time now.

It's a 10 year old glove at this point.  The floppiness was a problem, but once I stiffened up the finger stalls, it's magic.

NOKONA, if you're listening, take note!  Just add something to the finger stalls to stiffen up the tips.  Apart from that, you may have the best glove in the world.  The leather takes a beating and just gets nicer as it ages.

Wow!  Great update. The baseball glove is a very personal thing.  It's very cool that you found one that fits you so well. I love hearing these stories.


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