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Have a 3 year old Nokona Baseball Glove that is very worked in to the point that it is very "floppy" for a lack of a better description. 

Anyone know of a way to get some stiffness back into the glove?

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   Really don't want to purchase another glove if possible. 


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You may want to try a complete re-lacing of the glove first, that may help stiffin it up. I know you said that you didn't want to purchase another glove but I Rep for Valle gloves and can give you dealers cost for any line of Valle gloves and mitts. If you're interested Dave just message me.

Contact Nokona. I think that I read that they do this, themselves. 

Also, look for a guy named  Bretman. I hear that he does wonderful work. He is in Ohio.

Soak the glove in plain water overnight;\

Then wrap baseballs in the glove with a towel and rubber bands or bungees.

Let the whole thing dry in the sun/air for 2 days.

the glove will stiffen up if it is leather.


Easy Peasy, Send me a few pictures & contact me I"LL WALK U THROUGH IT. I don't recomend the water because it MAY wreck your lacing and leather during the dryout process. I have seen this many times. IF YOU do the water before it is 100% dried out MAKE SURE you condition your glove with a good ALL LEATHER CONDITIONER, B/4 it is dried out NOT AFTER!!! Do not let the lether dry out before you hydrate it with the conditioner. AGAIN just my opinion. I have re-laced many gloves after they were dipped / soaked in water. I DO NOT WANT YOUR BUSINESS, JUST WANT TO HELP that is why I am here on Checkswing LATER PEACE OUT



I too agree with Henry 100%

I think that the post about water, was a joke. I was going to post something like that, like how people put their new gloves in the oven. So, it might have been in jest.

Thanks everyone!

I think I am going to call Nokona on Monday just to see what they have to say first and will go from there.

Thanks again!

Nokona is a small company breaking in behind the giants, Rawlings and Wilson. I would exploit that need to compete and definately see what they will do for you. I know higher quality gloves like my Rawlings Pro Prefered models have support in the thumb and little finger sections to keep the glove rigid. Three years is not long for your glove to become floppy and that definately hurts your glove control. Be nice to Nokona but express your dissapointment and see what they offer.

PS: Have you tried tightening the laces that have become stretched? Sometimes doing this locks all the fingers together and that helps suport them all.

Dave-  I know this is an old discussion but did you ever call Nokona?

I know this may be unorthodox but I always have cleaned my glove with saddle soap and then glove conditioner, every other time checking laces and always storing with 2 balls in pocket. Same glove, a Zett, for 15 seasons at third and still as good as new well almost new.

I know this is an old post, but in case you're still listening....

I had the exact same issue with my Nokona Black Magic.  Nokona's are notorious for their floppiness.

Firstly, I was at my wit's end with the glove and ready to throw it out.  The irony is that I loved the glove for the feel that it provided with the extra soft leather and lack of padding, but just couldn't deal with the loose palm and floppy finger stalls.  I decided to try something crazy, as I was going to throw it out anyway.  It was just too loose for me.

I take no responsibility if you damage your glove, but here's what I did, and it worked for me;

I bought new high quality laces and set them aside.  I unlaced the glove fully and inserted a concocted heavy gauge wire loop in each finger stall.  Just get a heavy wire that you can bend and make a narrow loop about 2 inches in length that will fit in the stalls.  I used this instead of plastic as it allows for re-molding to the shape you want.  This alone will stiffen the fingers plenty and allow you to play with the shape as you wish.  You can try using a finger splint as well.  I wanted to do that but couldn't find 3 of them.  The thumb and pinky already have plastic, so leave them alone.

My other issue was the stretched out palm leather which became much bigger than I wanted.  Warning, this part was dangerous:  I conditioned the palm leather, then wet it and heat dried it repeatedly with a hair dryer.  Keep conditioning and wetting to avoid completely drying out the leather.  In fact, I was surprised by how well it withstood the abuse.  The idea was to shrink the leather in this area, and it worked perfectly.  It was also black, so it didn't show much change at all except for a slight discoloration on the surface which worked itself out eventually.

I then re-laced the entire glove and it's my 'go to' for the past 5 years.  No brittleness, no cracking.  Just a perfect fit and great shape all the time.  I took the risk because I couldn't use it as it was anyway.  It didn't matter if I damaged it, as I was going to get rid of it if it didn't work.

The Nokona leather is superb.  But it's almost like fashion leather, like a Coach bag.  It gets too soft with use.  Others comment on it being so soft all the time, but once they put it on and use it, they fall in love.  They're also very simple, old school style gloves with barely nothing in the way of padding or unnecessary welting,  Once you get used to them, you look forward to the sting of the ball on your hand, and always knowing exactly where the ball is in your glove.  You feel everything.

Don't throw yours out!!


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