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As you probably know, Derek Jeter's 3,000th career hit was a HR and was caught by Yankees fan Christian Lopez at Yankee Stadium.


Lopez gave the ball immediately to Jeter and was rewarded by the Yankees with tickets and some memorabilia. The ball was estimated to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars on the open market by collectors.


If you had caught the ball, would you have given it to Jeter as Lopez did or look to sell the ball?


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Now, that I read that Lopez may very well have IRS problems, because of the "gifts" he is receiving from the Yankees, I would have kept it. There is no such thing as a free lunch, anymore.
Are you kidding me, they hooked him in by bringing him into the dugout with Jeter, put undo pressure on him to give it up for tickets. NO FRICKEN WAY, first of all it is the fans right to have and keep that ball. We trade baseball cards on-line for thousands of dollars, we fight for autographs. He should of went home with the ball, and chilled, he just hit the lottery! Would you give your winning lottery ticket to the government to help pay the debt off? I think he has a case for some hungry Lawyer!
I have been a  Yankees and Jeter fan for a long time, but I think I would have kept the ball. As Amy and William said it was is right as fan who got the ball to keep it. Not because of the thousands of dollars it would be worth, but to have in my possession the ball the Jeter blew out of the park on his 3000 career hit. Not too many baseball players with accomplish that in their careers.
As a sports memorabilia collector......but more so, a baseball purist, I would have given the ball back but I would have gotten something more.  I couldn't care less for a suite.......I hate the Yankees!!!!  I would have gotten a bunch of stuff signed, some, game used jerseys, bats, hats, gloves, etc. stuff I could sell to make a profit and also keep for my collection.  It wouldn't be near what that ball would fetch in a major auction, but it would have been a good bit and at what cost to Jeter? He doesn't pay for his equipment and I don't usually sell my collection, but give me an hour of Jeter's time with a pen and it could be worthwhile! Didn't he give the ball to his dad?  That ball is more important to the Jeter family than it would be to me!  He is such a class act and you cannot say anything bad about him other than he is a Yankee! But I respect the Yankee tradition.

Yea, the money would be nice and could be used for many things, but it's refreshing to see there are still people in this world (and even in New York!) with this kind of attitude and respect for the game and the player's personal accomplishment.

Some might think me some sort of rube, but by giving back, you get so much more in return (and I don't mean tarnished shekels, either).

Thank you, Mr. Lopez.

I can't believe you wouldn't give Jeter his ball!  He is only the 28th to collect 3000+ in baseball history!  Kudos to Mr. Lopez for being a stand up guy.  Sorry to hear he is having the IRS folks bear down on him.  Figures the feds would be jerks about the whole thing.  Yeah, Mr. Lopez could have made a lot more money but it sounds to me he is a baseball fan and not a greedy bastard like most.  Welcome to your 15 minutes of fame!

Give the ball back! Its personal!



How can someone be referred to as a "greedy bas&%rd if they have rightful possession of something that someone else wants to bargain for in order to obtain? Jeter is pretty close to being perfect. Why was he insulted by the Yanks offer of 15 mill per year for 3 years? Because to him, like 95% of the others, it's a business that's why! Last time I checked he was batting around 270 or so. Not 300, 305, 310, 315, 320, 325, 330....270. So I think he has no complaints. Like I said, great guy, great teammate, great player in his prime (especially when game was on the line) etc. But baseball is a business. That's why players will move their families in a heartbeat for a couple of million more per year. Hey...I'm not condemning them for a second. Just simply stating the facts. Mr. Lopez can do whatever he wants to. But if he does indeed have major IRS problems, maybe the Yankees can take care of them for him being he is such a nice guy. Or would they consider that a "bad business" move?
EXACTLY!  The time of being  faithful for the team giving you the chance to play, is done. It's all about the $$$$.
I'll give it up.

Mickey Mantle?
That's what you're upset about?
Mantle makes $       a year.
How much does your father make?
- I don't know.

- You don't know.
If your dad needs money, go ask
Mickey Mantle. See what happens.
Mickey Mantle don't care about
you. Why care about him?
Nobody cares.

keep it


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