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Hey gang, I'm looking for some suggestions and/or programs on putting together a solid high school JV program.  We have a great varsity program, but it relies a lot on bringing kids in to just play baseball while our JV program is more of a catch-all program.  

I'd like to put together a really cohesive JV program that is a solid program from top to bottom, even if we don't have the most talented group of guys.  We still want to look and feel like a baseball team -- and nurture those kids who have some talent along to the varsity level.

Any suggestions would be more than welcome!

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Bruce, I hate to admit it, but I am a little confused. If you have a great Varsity program what would be the problem with doing the same as the Varsity but with younger grade levels? We have a rock solid Varsity program, solid JV group and an awesome foundation group at our middle school. All 3 groups do the same things, same uniforms, same plays, signs, signals, etc. The middle school group is a little more simplified, but still the same program top to bottom.

Our varsity program is less about teaching the players how to play baseball and more to teach them about team work, working together and then finer points of the game.  I'd like to build a JV program that is based on fundamentals and teamwork together to help foster the possibility of JV feeding the Varsity, which it does not do now.

Our Varsity program is very much founded upon the idea that you already know how to play at a high level, something our JV kids don't have in them right out of the gate.  Out of 15 we might have 3-4 at the most that have played ball before.  On top of that, our JV program has less field time to work than our Varsity program does.  So we are constantly looking for things to do with them that is productive but not on a full field.  

I can sit down and put together things from a bunch of different sources, which we do from year to year based on the players we have.  But I thought maybe someone had something that they  use now that works well for them with kids that are, generally speaking, not native baseball players. 

Thanks for the info, it's a great point that is often overlooked by those that have talent coming in to just reload every year. Our middle school program trains the players in the game and in our expectation level for JV and Varsity. We also focus attention on teaching parents that school ball is not travel or rec ball and that our parents have a role, but it is off the field. Send me you email address ( ) and I will email you our practice plan that we used last season. It might help you with the teaching part when you don't have the field. We do 90% of our work in drill / station set ups and actually use the field less than 30% of the practice time and that 30% is strictly to re-enforce what we learned in drill work.


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