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Looking for recommendations on places to buy baseball uniforms online

My 30+ baseball team is looking to get new uniforms this season. Can anyone recommend a place online that has nice ( pro quality mesh or polyester with stitched team name and numbers) jerseys at a good price? Something similar to this...

It's tough to tell the quality online without being able to feel the jersey.


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Thanks, Michael. Have you ordered uniforms from them before? If so, how is the quality, price, etc.?
Anaconda Sports does fine work and has uniforms from cheap, but solid MLB teams to customized. I always buy my Richardson caps through the MSBL Sports Store division of Anaconda Sports.

Call Bill Carey at 1-877-448-6725 tell him John Luce of the Raleigh Black Sox Baseball Club sent you. ;-)
I work at we do custom uniforms. We can do just about anything. All of the employees are players or coaches so quality and service is our main priority. My email is if I can help you out with uniforms or equipment let me know.
Are there any pictures or other info about the jerseys on your website?
MY team went with Teamworks "Knuckler" Jerseys. They are very nice and very similar to Majestics BP jerseys. On thing we have noticed though is their sizes seem to be smaller than Majestics )A majestic XL on me is very loose, whereas to have a similar feel through the shoulders in the knuckler I had to go with a 2X.

I would also recommend for pants. "The Black Label" pants are the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever owned.

I also noticed they had a promotion going on called "The stimulus package". Where they were offering pants and a jersey for pretty much the cost of a pair of "Black Label" Pants. However, I dont know if they offer "Vests" like you mentioned in your link.

Also check out you might find something there as well.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, Scott! Boombah looks like they have nice jerseys at a decent price - $50 for everything excluding names. Has anyone ordered jerseys from there? Any recommendations on what material to go with?
That is where I got my uni's and they are awsome. They have from T-shirts to pro-quality uni's. I don't buy from anyone else.
How are their prices for custom uniforms?
This is a great custom shop, don't expect cheap, but expect great quality for the price.
Hi Kyle,
although I'm from Czech Republic, we used Uniform Express as a supplier of our uniforms. Prices are comparable and quality is very good. Unfortunately these information are 3 years old, because my club decided to change supplier 2 years ago to SSK.

Link to Uniform Express:

Richardson ahs great hats that are reasonable in price. We are getting new ones, the st20's or something like that. They have mesh paneling as well as traditional six panel. The mesh helps breath. You can find richardson hats just about anywhere for aroudn 16 bucks, including lettering.

Jerseys, I woudl check out baseball or baseball They seem to offer the best pricing. Search the web, find what you like, and have a great season!


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