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With it being Valentine's Day today (and Majestic being all about the love) we want to know - what do you love most about the game of baseball?

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I really enjoy seeing a terrific pitcher go head to head with a terrific hitter and see who wins the chess match that's taking place. And baseball playoff games are the ultimate for me, no matter who is playing. 

I love...

that baseball is timeless, like eternal love

baseball is dramatic, one versus one, pitcher versus hittter

baseball is about the team, one versus one plus eight others, together in the struggle

the smell of leather, freshly cut grass, dirt and warm summer breezes

the thrill of the walk off, the strikeout, the blast over the centerfield wall and the play at the plate

I love that baseball is not about size, but about craft, skill, hard work and perseverance

I love that baseball is about father and son, mother and daughter, sister and brother screaming as their team dog piles in the last game, the last inning, after the last out in October

There is no game like baseball

It is definitely God's game.

Hi Mike, just have to tell you that your reply was off the charts. Great job!

Well said!

I agree with you Larry.  I want to print Mike's response, frame it and put it on the wall.  Awesome stuff!

How about the anticipation that builds as we approach spring training?  It seems like the Super Bowl is played and we are on a fast track to baseball. My mind races with all the possible scenarios of the upcoming season and it's constant baseball conversations from now until October. 

Luckily, spring is in the air.

You know Bill...even though "our" season covers over six months, I'm quite sure that we will never run out of things to say. What a great form of entertainment and conversation piece. How could he give him a fastball there? I thought he should have tried to field the ball on the fly. Couldn't the manager see he was getting tired? He didn't start running fast until after 10 steps. Even though it's 2-0, he better not come "fat" here. Come on, throw the changeup and you got him. Should have taken him out, now he takes him out after the 3 run homer, etc etc etc. (Look at that, I'm getting carried away already.Gets any better and I won't be able to take it.)  

There are a few things I love about baseball. First off, just being out playing on a warm sunny day is the best. If not playing, going to the ballpark with my kids and sharing these next few hours with no interuptions. It's just us.
The best part of the game is what Earl Weaver said. He stated both sides have equal chances even towards the end of the game. There is no running down the clock, spiking the ball, etc. Even the losing team has a last chance.

First of all, leave it to a lady to relate Baseball to Valentines Day.. LOL : )

From a players perspective, I love this game because it seems to love AND hate me right back...

Every game is a new one, and the result (both individually and team) can be completely different.

Just when you have it figured out, you go out and look like you have never played before...

Its the constant challenge no matter what your skill level is. Its also remembering what your body used to be capable of and no longer is...

From a coaches standpoint, nothing feels like it! Getting every last drop of effort and talent out of the kids, and showing them what they are truly capable of when they focus and work hard. My favorite age is 11-12 because its when they start to become young men and really learn about life. Our teams become very close, and they see what chemistry and working as a group can do against bigger, more talented teams... 

I also like the fact there is no clock, no kneeling on the ball and preserving the win. 2 things go wrong and 10 things go wrong before you know it you win a game you shouldn't have or vice versa...

There isn't and never will be a game like Baseball. 

I love that as a player your rooting for one another to succeed. The feeling you get when your down a couple runs and the guy who has been struggling at the plate puts one in the gap to score a couple. That's when the game is really fun. As a fan I like to have peanuts and cracker jacks and a hot dog too! As a coach using strategy to get a run across the plate when you need one. These are just some of the things I love about the game of baseball.


It's amazing Dion, but one word can say alot. (Strategy) There was a brief time in my life, when I was very, very young that baseball bored me. The time in between pitches, the pace of the game, etc. As I've grown older, I relish the time in between pitches to think of what MY strategy would be. Is he going changeup here? Come on, fast ball in and you're out of this mess, etc.

Guess I just want to tell you good job Dion and I like your answer.


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