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Imagine, a Professional Baseball League that has a collegiate feeder system, social ownership, A North America and European Division and a World Series in Europe one year and in the USA the next?

Imagine, a young man has the opportunity to not only play professionally at his skill level, but also own a piece of the program he plays for. AND, has the opportunity to see the world through participation in his new professional league.

Imagine, a league that does not worry about making money but concentrates on developing great citizens, world citizens, positive citizens through the game of global baseball!!!!

In 2013, The Good Citizens Foundation and the VMarlins of Danville, Va will embark on this process.  Teams are forming in NC and VA, International camps are organizing in Germany and Austria, and the players are lining up to participate.

 For more information, participation, investing call directly, Frank Fulton , 434 489 4544.  We are going to have more fun with this than anyone could imagine!!!!

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Sounds lie you are there a web site?

Do players get paid?


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