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i am a slender outfielder and have heard the famous line "you need to get bigger" countless times. although i can drive the ball to the warning track on occasion, i feel that if i were able to gain 10 or 15 extra pounds i would be a five tool player. Because of my fast metabolism it is a constant struggle for me to put on weight and i have experimented with whey protein but i cant find one that works and has a tolerant taste. are there any of you out there that know about any good supplements to help me gain body mass that are far from illegal in the baseball world? also what is your take on creatine in the diet of a 16 year old boy? HELP!

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Jason, I highly recommend EAS products. Go to In addition to supplements, you need to speak to a sports nutritionist to make sure that you can getting a solid intake of carbs, protein and fiber in your diet. When I played professionally, I had to eat 3 meals per day and supplements 3 times per day as well. I was taking in 20-40 grams of protein and 20-40 grams of carbs every 3 hours. You have to remember that baseball is a cardiovascular sport. Protein builds muscle so if your intake of protein is low, you are breaking down muscle and not building it up. Google search for a good sports nutritionist to get some solid advice.
Jason...I would look into AdvoCare products. I took them as a player and still use them as a coach. Here is the site... If you have any questions, I would be happy to help.


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