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One at-bat pitching or hitting- Who would it be against?

One at-bat - If you could hit against or pitch to any person (past or present) in a game situation, who would it be and why?

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I'd love to get an at-bat against Pedro Martinez in his prime - back in '99 when he pitched in the All-star game.  He threw hard and had a nasty changeup.  He also had great control (when he wanted to) ;)  I'd love to just see the difference in speed, movement, location, etc. first hand.

I'd also like an at-bat against Kip Gross - because it would be fun! :)

Bobby Jenks . He can't throw strikes anyway so I'd walk.

No really , Roger Clemens two twenty strike out games , roids or not he was awesome.

Even though I grew up a Giant fan, would love to get up against Sandy Koufax. I would love to watch him quickly dispose of me with two fast balls and then a curve that dropped about 3 feet.

Cy Young, and pitch to Ty Cobb


I would like to hit against Cy Young. Old school guy that is iconic when it comes to pitching. I don't think there is much of a discussion needed as to why.LOL


Hit against Nolan Ryan - No way I'm gonna touch his fast ball but to hear it wizz by and pop the catchers mitt.

Throw to Junior to see how far he'd launch my ball!

Come on Leo, you got to have more confidence in yourself than that.  I bet you could at least foul a fastball off and get at least one strike on Jr.

I would like to stand in the box against Bob Gibson (though I would be shaking in my cleats) and pitch against Pete Rose.

I think it would also be interesting to do both against Babe Ruth seeing how he at one time was great at both.

I would hit a home run off Justin Verlander & I will strike out Magglio Ordonez
There is so miney greats I like to hit and pitch too.
I would love to go back in time and try to get a hit off of Satchel Page, Walter Johnson,and Bob Feller. Being a lefty I would love to pitch against Ruth,Gehrig.


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