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One of my favorite questions to ask about hitting, How would Ted Williams do hitting today's pitchers?

I know people get hot when this topic is brought up, just curious what everyone thinks? 

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Great hitters can hit anyone. Williams was in that category. I think it's harder in todays game to put up great numbers because there is always a fresh pitcher in the game.

There are only a few professional Pitchers who take the mound and you expect them to challenge every hitter they face.

Ted Williams would feast on the inefficiencies, dysfunctions and flawed movements you see within today's pitching ranks! 

"Skip" Fast
Pro Pitching Institute

I had the honor of spending one on one time with Ted Williams in the minor leagues he was most astute observers of pitchers I have ever met in baseball. He would absolutely dominate modern day pitchers due to his attention to every detail of every pitcher he would face. Incredible memory for pitchers idiosyncrasies.

Tony-  Very interesting. What were some of the things that Ted Williams focused on when you guys talked?

Honestly was pitching back then better than it is today.

How many high school pitchers threw 90 mph back then?  

I think the hitting mechanics of today's MLB players are better than they were back then and I would have

to think the pitching mechanics are better than they were then as well.  

Do you really think there are "MORE" inefficiencies, dysfunctions and flawed movements you see within today's pitching ranks compared to back in the 40's-60's?   I am just really trying to see if he would do as well as he did back then.  

Would you teach a player to throw like those old timers?  Which one in particular would you have a player throw like.

It's hard to talk about a hitter like that in a vacuum and just bring them to the present day. If Ted Williams were playing today, I am sure he'd benefit from the modern day training and nutrition, his own attention to detail, and be just as dangerous today as back then. Anyone who is that much a student of their own game is bound for success. He might not hit .400 in today's game, but when you look at how batting averages have changed over the years, I'd be confident he'd still hit well over .300 every year with power, and, of course, he'd be among the league leaders in walks every year too. I'd picture him in today's game as a 2002-04 Barry Bonds with fewer HR (30-35 instead of 40-45).

Yes some of the mechanics have changed, but the principle still stands. You Throw the ball, you catch the ball & you hit the ball. Now if you put anyone of the greats in this this era, with almost certainty they would put up the same numbers and be still just as great, if not better because of conditioning and overall health & knowledge. But i don’t feel the same is true for a lot of the players today playing back then. Of course some of the players of today would still excell.


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