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I love most of the hitting analysis videos not for the content so much as the video of the swing itself sometimes.  What gets me though is people who analyze homerun derby swings?  First of all the swing is not the same the timing is not the same and the pitch speed and objective is not the same.  The other thing that bugs me is a good deal of the time, the video is never shown in full speed.  Super slow motion or still shots are great but let us see the actual swing a couple of times all the way through and from beginning to end not just where it's convenient to start so you miss the part that doesn't fit into what you have been teaching, example: a hitch in the swing that you preach against etc.  I wonder if in 10 or 20 years people will still argue about what is really going on in the swing and what is the correct way to do it or maybe something new emerges.  I am still of the opinion that if you can hit you can hit and most of it is individual for each player, start messing with stuff and your results drop.   

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Agreed.  The last thing you want a hitter who is successful to do is all of sudden start going up to the plate questioning their swing mechanics.  That is another thing about 95% of those hitting analysis videos ignore, the mental approach.  You might have a picture perfect swing on video, but if you are not there mentally you aren't going to have the results to show for it.


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