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Out of curiosity does anyone support/teach a closed stance? Growing up I had a closed stance due to the fact that my all time favorite player was Will "The Thrill" Clark. By the time I got to college I opened my stance up to see the ball better. I support an open stance 100% but I never change my hitters stance unless it is completely necessary. Are there hitters out there having success with a closed stance or is this a lost art?

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I believe that one of the main benefits of, THE OPEN STANCE, is that for people who have the problem of, "BAILING OUT - AKA - STEPPING INTO THE BUCKET,"... especially with same side pitchers...they will find that...THE OPEN STANCE, pretty much, corrects the flaw, by forcing the batter to, STEP INTO THE BALL MORE REGULARLY...It also has been reported to give a hitter a better view of the incoming pitch... I believe this is one of the reasons why ROD CAREW basically advocated using, THE OPEN STANCE...


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