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What do you think is a bigger influence on a player's decision to use PEDs? I thought of a few - the pros are using it so I need to do it to become a pro, my competitors are using it so I need to use to compete (this is the one I faced), to use them means a big payday.

Is it the role models, the peers, the shot at money?

What do you think?

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I think it's all of the above, but I think at the MLB level it's about the money and clearly numerous guys have benefited.

There's a lot of talk about the power hitting types who have or allegedly used PEDs, but I'd love for more investigation into the pitching side of this.

In the past 8-10 years, there have been numerous pitchers, many of who had marginal careers in MLB, but showed up to camp in the 1999 - 2005 years throwing 5-8 mph harder than ever before. Many of these guys were 30-35 year old relievers who bounced around and routinely topped out at 85-88 mph on their fastball. Now they come to camp and are throwing 91-94 mph in some cases, are far more effective, have a good year and end up with a free agent contract in the 3-4 year range at $3-5 million per year. After years of making MLB minimums and struggling, this pitcher now has a guaranteed $12 million contract and is in a great position financially.

I am obviously speculating and don't think it's necessary to point out any players specifically, but when testing heated up in 2006 until now, many of these former fringe pitchers performances regressed back to what it was prior to their "career year", which was likely enhanced by PEDs. Pitching performance suffered, some of these guys were released or lost their key role on the staff.. but they still collected that money.

Taking PEDs led to financial security for many of these players. To them, it was likely well worth the risk.

I don't have the time or resources to do this, but I'd love to see a sports reporter dig into this story and see what is there.
I think it really depends on the player and the age group. Many high school guys probably use just to get that extra attention from their performance. I was tempted in high school to start using just to regain my starting spot because I thought they would help give me the edge. As for pro and college guys they use to get the money and fame. If somebody comes to a middle of the pac guy and says here take this and I can assure you that you will get at least 3 million more next season then most guys will take that PED. I would say at this point in my life (I'm 25 and play MSBL) if the opportunity came for me to get to a paid level and if I took the PED and it would get me there and getting caught was a slim chance then I would seriously consider it.
Players take PED because MLB looks the other way and the testing and punishment is way too light. If you tested postive, you were banned for 2 years and next positive test banned for your lifetime. No one would risk it.

Roger Clemens is a good example back in 1986 he was touching 98 mph. Then his fastball starts to drop to 90-91 mph 10 years later and his career is in jeopardy. Suddenly his fastball is back high 90's reaching 100 mph.
In a different sport, I know someone who was a top level athlete who used them because he got hurt and he desperately wanted to carry on. Not for money or anything. Simply because he didn't want to be finished just yet.


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