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Pitching Machines ~ Hack Attack vs. ATEC / JUGS Machines ...worth the MONEY?

As we all know -  investing our resources into the purchasing of a new pitching machine is a big decision.  With the advent of the 3 wheel pitching machine (Sports Attack)  ... they have advertised as being superior to a 2 wheel machine (Atec, Jugs ..etc).  Being in the position of needing a portable machine -  Can anyone offer, experienced feedback of having used both the Sports Attack 3 wheel machine and how it compares to the conventional 2 wheel machine ...


Need - comments referring to the break of the curve ball, control / consistency of fastball locations ..and the type of ball used ... I have always had difficulty with using REAL baseballs, unless they were "LOW" seamed baseballs.. Example -  MLB baseballs, Minor League baseballs , or JUGS "pearl" baseballs ... 


thank you for feedback..

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Dave, I'm an Epstein Certified Instructor and my business is based in Spotswood, NJ. I recently had the opportunity to purchase a Sports Attack, Jr. I have been using an Atec Axis, a Jugs Super Softball and a First Pitch "Original Model." I have to say I am really impressed with the Sports Attack Machine. Mainly the easy of moving from one breaking pitch to another and the consistency is truly outstanding. The other machines are very well made and definitely are worth the investment, but, for ease of operation, the Sports Attack is much appreciated. I only use Jugs brand dimple softballs and baseballs. They are the most consistent and durable. Hope this helps. Mike McSpadden   


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