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Hello coaches,

Can anyone recommend a practice plan that would encompass some good drills and maybe a game of some sort to keep the kids interested?

Best regards,

Coach Terry

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Hey Coach,

We have developed an awesome product that you might find helpful. We've recorded and produced an entire library of hitting drills with video, audio, and text explanation.

Shoot me an email at if you'd like to know more.

Best of luck Coach
Hi Coach,

there are tons of drills out there that you can find helpful. I want to tell you to work on speed, conditioning and base running during practice. I highly recommend finding a strength coach in your area and see if he/she will come out to a practice and work with your team on running technique. Boys, aged 11-12 are in a great "developmental zone" where you can teach them technique. Base running is a highly overlooked aspect to the game. I would finish practice with some base running games or other "conditioning" activities disguised as games!
You can only work on hitting for so long, don't forget about the "overlooked" aspects to the game.

Hope this was helpfull. Please feel free to contact me personally at or check out my Ebook at


Mike "The HitMan" Easler


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