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I posted on this before and now I'm looking for more answers and suggestions. I have been a switch hitter for about 6 years but I really haven't hit from the other side in a game in about 3 or 4 years because I haven't been comfortable with it. This past season I didn't really hit all that well from my natural side so I have decided to go back to switch hitting because honestly it can't get any worse. Does anyone have any drills or workouts I can do to get back in the hang of things.

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Here are some drills I do with my son to work on switch hitting.
1. Get the small plastic wiffle balls(the ones the size of a golf ball). Get one of those training bats that are really thin(for example we use a training bat called the thunderstick). Do two or three buckets of soft toss with the small wiffle balls and the thin bat from your natural side. Then do soft toss with regular baseballs and the heaviest bat you can find and work on swinging through the ball and hitting line drives. Repeat these drills from your opposite side. This will really help with your hand-eye coordination.
2. I also have him hit a punching bag and a speed bag everyday along with a hand gripper and 5 miles on a stationary bike.
3.TEE WORK. Swing at least 200 times from both sides of the plate everyday.
4. He also does a lot with a medicine ball to help him strengthen his core.

Hope this helps,
Thanks for the info. I actually just posted 2 videos of a practice session with my wife pitching me the small plastic balls. I have a thunderstick as well so I can put it into use on some drills. Anything else you come across just pass along to me when you can.
No problem. Also another drill you can try is a one handed drill. Get a teeball bat and do some soft toss with your bottom hand and then your top hand. Repeat multiple times from both sides of the plate.


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