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Would any of you guys be interested in video analysis for yourself or your son?  We have a group of current pro guys who can really help you gain velocity/get better action on pitches/and most importantly stay healthy.  Our site is and please feel free to email me at if you have any questions.  

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Sounds like you may have something going there, You say you have a group of pro guy's as instructors, my thoughts about pro guy's or former pro guy's is that the majority of those people are still stuck in their old,old conventional, outmoded ways of the game {especially with pitching,} which more or less leaves the body mostly out of the movement and leaving the arm to execute the brunt of the body's physical action. I will admit though that there are many,many aspects of the game that have been unnecessarily eliminated from the game, some are being talked about and even brought back by certain individuals. The biggest fallacy about instructors in general is that people are under the false impression that being a pro. or former pro. player makes them a knowledgeable, competent instructor, {NOT SO.} mainly due to the simple fact that they have not studied all aspects of the game to the point of becoming keen students of their craft, maybe so as a player but usually not as a knowledgeable instructor. one of the most important aspects of instructing is knowing proper individual body movement which is what the baseball game is all about. if possible I would like to view some of your instructional videos, I keep in mind and feel that I can always learn from others.

,Great Base-Ball-N

Don Ervin

Hey,  Spenser,

 I Certainly would like your feed back concerning my comments as of Sept 17, 2017

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