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We are starting a World Baseball League designed for the passionate global athlete and we need you!!!

Men,  I have built teams, fields, and programs all over the world in sports.  We have built baseball fields, baseball teams, football programs, clinics, camps, national teams and created opportunities for players to enjoy the game regardless of country, economics, skill level, or experience.

NOW we embark on the craziest and yet most practical development in global baseball, the World Baseball League.  A professional league made up of teams who have players from all over the world, from local communities, and supported by a system of collegiate woodbat summer teams, and a League of legends feeder program.

Who runs it?  We the passionate players, coaches, managers, sponsors and thousands of volunteers who make the game what it really is..... a sport that teaches life lessons.  This league is not about money or national pride.  It is about creating great citizens through sport participation.

We love baseball, we love getting up and teaching it, competing, traveling, sharing war stories, making life long friends and getting paid just enough money via some job so we can do it as long as we can.  

If you are one of us.... a true warrior who understands the real value of this game then we want you to contact us.  We are establishing teams all over the world, we are organizing the feeder minor league in Virginia/North Carolina, and we are working on sponsorships for 2013 to make this roll.  We need coaches, players, gms, marketing gurus, facilities, creative writers, and fans who want to participate in ownership.  Everyone will have the opportunity to share in the growth of this business and will be able to own a piece of the global family business.  So send us an email to or call me at 434 489 4544.

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