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Here are some things that are being taught that may cause some set-backs in a hitters ability to hit the ball hard, far, and with greater consistency...
1. Bring the knob of the bat to the ball
2. Quick hands down to the ball
3. Back Toe and Knee to the ball
4. Turn your hips!
5. Get your front foot down
These coaching tips could just get your hitters off balance or to lose their true power potential in the swing. After being a hitting coach for more than 20 years, I at one point realized that this information was just obvious things you could see on film...but the teaching cues did not have a significant impac on the hitter
I learned that these things may seem to appear what is happening on video with great hitters, but are not what is actually what is happening under the skin of the hitter. So I learned to not to teach what I could see in hitting because the answers lied in learning how to teach the the secrets "under the hood" of the hitter. Meaning what particular muscles are really popping to cause a chain reaction of events to produce a smooth and powerful swing that seems effortless.
Hitting the baseball is one of the most mysterious and spiritual skills to master. Teaching it is just as difficult until you learn how simple it really is...once you get under the hood of the hitter!
Team Hitting Specialist and Confidence Trainer, Mike Huber, has traveled the country to help baseball teams improve their hitting skills at a record breaking pace. His special technique patterned after the swing of Ted Williams has helped teams set over 60 state, national, and/or team hitting records while training over 70 different teams since the late 1990s.  He is the author of the book, Tapping Into the Spirit of Ted Williams. This book reveals the secret of this special technique and how Hubie used it to help Ted Williams son, John Henry Williams, hit successfully in the minor leagues prior to his death.


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The last 3 coaching tips might be good advice:

  3. Back Toe and Knee to the ball
  4. Turn your hips!
  5. Get your front foot down.
if you are teaching someone how to kick a ball.




Got me laughn there Tommy

I think most intelligent hitting instructors/coaches will agree that those three components are "standard  and generally accepted terms and methods in the industry.  That's not to say that hitters have not been successful utilizing some different methods either.  "Generally accepted standard practices and terms" is the buzz phrase here.   It is also unfortunately apparent that hitting gurus and pitching gurus alike attack and demean each other's hitting/pitching philosphies.


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