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What's your favorite bat model? 271 - 33" ash? 243 - 34" Maple?  Why do you prefer this model/size/wood?

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My favorite model that barnstable makes is a 33 in Big knob model in birch or ash. These bats have lasted for a long time. Barnstable makes a great bat. The big knob model is extremely well balanced gives an interesting look as well as a great product.

Bo-  I just purchased two of the Barnstable 73 models with the big knob.  One natural wood color and one in black.  The one in natural looks like a piece of art.  Not kidding. I almost don't want to use it and keep it against the wall in my living room because the natural wood grain is gorgeous. 

Of course I am using it though starting tomorrow!

When you mentioned keeping the bat in the living room, I couldn't help but think of the bat scene from A Few Good Men...

Lt. Weinberg: And how are you going to that?
Kaffee: I have no idea. I need my bat.
Lt. Weinberg: What?
Kaffee: I need my bat. I think better with my bat. Where's my bat?
Galloway: I put it in the closet.
Kaffee: You put it in the closet?
Galloway: Well, I was tripping over it.
Kaffee: Don't ever put that bat in the closet.

That was a Model 72-BK. glad you like it. Christine(Tom's wife)
Bill , how was the 26" youth bat ? Glad you like 'em.Tom
I own a 34" model 243 in Ash, cupped.  Not sure if Maple was available, and I've never swung one.  I do enjoy hitting with my bat, and hope to pick up a 32" soon, as well.  Maybe in maple.  Maybe try birch, if I get a nice bonus at any time!  ;)
I swing a Louisville Slugger 33" P271 Maple Bat....has the weight distribution I love and a cupped end for better balance. Looking at swinging a Mizuno MZM62 33" that I received as a birthday present. Trouble is the bat is just too damn pretty to get dirty...that's a joke.....will use it on Opening Day this Sunday.....Give me a chance for our team to swing a new bat and you may have a team in your corner for years to come....Tim Sullivan Player/Manager for MSBL Delaware Red Sox
New to Barnstable bats, haven't swung one yet.  i swing a 34 271 ash
271 Ash is favorite bat, just right balance.
birch 110 33 inch... good all around bat.
271-33, preference is because of size.


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