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Why do baseball players take steroids?  It does not make you a better baseball player; you either developed elite baseball mechanics and athleticism or did not.  Steroids will not make you do this!  The majority of the players who been caught lately, were not elite major league baseball players, which means they have a misunderstanding of the purpose of performance enhancing drugs.  And, the ones that were elite, were elite before using PED and now just trying to either prolong their careers or improve the muscle power stamina or endurance over a season so that can play at peak performance all season.  By the way, you can also do this through a proper workout, diet and rest plan & schedule.

I train athlete at all levels and develop training aids equipment (dForce Trainer, sold by ET Training Systems), I found that Baseball is the one sport where it does not make any senses that you would use steroids even if you have an reoccurring injury and you trying to heal faster or trying to maintain peak power and stamina during a season.  Even with these two issues, steroids are not required.  Injury requires the understanding of how to quickly rehab it and peak power and stamina requires the understanding of how to take care of your body for high performances athleticism.

Steroid enhances muscle growth and not muscle development, you still need to workout to obtain muscle development.  This is where steroids benefit athletes who are in sports that have a high need for power & stamina type workouts (football, track, swimming), but, a proper workout, diet and rest plan & schedule does the same.  For some reason people believe that steroids or any PED will make them into a superstar overnight, it will not!

Below is the list of players who hit over 600 home runs.  Three out of eight players used steroids.  The other 5, NO STEROIDS REQUIRED.  All 3 players were elite baseball players before using steroids.

1 *

Barry Bonds



Hank Aaron 



Babe Ruth



Willie Mays


5 *

Alex Rodriguez



Ken Griffey, Jr



Jim Thome


8 *

Sammy Sosa




* Denotes Steroid Users

Advantage, the NO STEROIDS REQUIRED group!  Why, they enjoy the same game without jeopardizing their health, life expectancy or respect from their peers.  Is it really worth it?


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Really good blog, I agree 100%.  Alex Rodriguez was a beast in high school, and could have been the greatest if he wouldn't have taken steroids. I know kids in high school right now that take steroids, it is out of control, and they are so stupid, drugs are drugs and they are so bad for your body.


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