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Hello CS Members,

Im a high school ball player looking to spend the winter getting better as I want to play varsity ball as an underclassman. I have been trying to work on strength, conditioning etc and have been working hard.

My question is: how can I increase my throwing and/or hitting power? Any advice, whether it be strength excersises, drills, or anything else would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. As a smaller player (5'8" 140 lbs.), I need to work especially hard on these two areas of my game if I want to be successful.

PS: I am an CF/2B, ideally a 1 or 2-spot hitter, and hit much more for contact than power, as well as glove over arm.

Thank you all,

Mike Flanagan

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I wouldn't do any throwing until a couple weeks before your baseball workouts start.  Keep strengthening your legs and shoulders and upper back.  Get that rotator cuff stable and keep your pectorals flexible.  Work on hip mobility and core stability.  All this is on Cressy Performance website.  Look under baseball content.  Well here


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