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            One of the best ways to turn young players off baseball is to stick them in the outfield, hit fly balls,  a player gets hit in the head, hurts himself, and never picks up a glove again. I see coaches and parents do this even on the Tee ball level. A drill I've done teaching young players has a few steps. First off I have my Tee ball team catching fly balls using the old "Scatch" game comprised of two paddle with a velcro face and a ball. I carry a few sets of this and most young players are familiar with this. After tossing some by hand, I then hit them pretty high and tell them to concentrate on making contact with the ball and the paddle. For all the kids, this is fun. I then move to the next step using a racquetball racquet and a tennis ball. Now tennis balls are normally hard to catch in a small glove so again I tell the players to not necessarily catch the ball but to just make contact with it.  From here, I move to the next step with soft covered balls or incrediballs. Players will progress differently but I have found that Progression Teaching makes 100% more sense as a starting point and I have had much more positive results.

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I like the ideas! Thank you. I will incorporate some variations of that when working with my young students!
These are great tips.

I also like to hand toss, throw tennis balls and make the kids have the ball drop between their legs. Safe way for them to learn to track the ball and move their feet without them instinctively putting the glove up first then trying to get under it.

Also, most of these kids like football. And they especially like going out for passes. Use a tennis ball and throw slant patterns. They quickly learn how to track the ball and which way to put their glove both directions. And it's both safe and fun and I guarantee they will be diving for the catch.. Even at tee ball.

The worst is hitting balls right to them.


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