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Your subconscious is your Coach’s primary tool.

Studies show your subconscious constantly monitors your state of balance and processes what you need to do to stay in balance 500,000 times faster than your conscious. 


In cases of an extreme imbalance, your conscious mind tells you that you’re not in balance, but it’s your subconscious that does something about your imbalance.  When you get your body back in balance, your subconscious mind gives your conscious mind the go-ahead to make your next action.


Subtle imbalances go undetected by your conscious mind.  In these instances, your subconscious gets your body back in balance by slightly altering your current movements.  You don’t feel these delicate subconscious adjustments, but a trained observer sees the physical cues associated with every imbalance.


There are 2 distinct categories of Coaches…

1. A “You need to….” Coach - The approach a “You need to….” Coach takes tells you they deny, ignore or don’t know how to manage your subconscious. “You need to …” Coaches tell you what you "need to" do and leave it up to you to figure out how to get your subconscious to produce the predictable reactions your Coach wants to see.

Should you choose to work with a “You need to...” Coach, you need to blame yourself for your failures.  

2. An “I need to get you to…” Coach - An “I need to get you to…” Coach uses your subtle physical cues as a tool to manage your actions to produce the predictable reactions that instantly generate your sustainably exceptional results. “I need to get you to…” Coaches take responsibility for your sustainable excellence, accelerate your learning curve, and give you a chance to take your competitive career to the highest levels.

When you work with an “I need to get you to…” Coach, expect your Coach to correct inefficiencies before you even realize they exist and give you every opportunity to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Your competitive career path is in your hands! 

Skip Fast,
Professional Pitching Institute
Sustainability Network Team Leader

Sustainability Blog:
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Good stuff Skip!

There are many more Need You To coaches, and often I find myself using those words in a lot of group drills. When I'm working one on one with someone on a skill, I often say We Need To Get You To....

For example, when we are running pre-game, I'll tell a 3rd baseman to stay down on the ball or "you need to stay down on that". If I'm getting someone extra focused practice on a skill, I'll tell the player what I've noticed and what we need to work on and what we need to see as results..."We need to get you to..."

I never really thought about the difference. I always considered them two ways to say the same thing. I think the second approach clearly shows the coach's investment in the development of the player. I never thought of the subconscious implications.


Thanks for the kind response.

Let me pay your kind response forward... Without seeing your third baseman, not "staying down on the ball" is an instinctive response to your player setting up for each pitch with his feet too far apart.

Ever notice has much more you can bend your knees (lower body your body) as you bring your feet closer together?

Something as simple as asking your player setting up with his feet closer together (something that your player can easier do and you can easily measure) should find him "staying down on the ball" more often than he does right now.

Thanks again and good luck.

Skip Fast, 
Professional Pitching Institute
Sustainability Network Team Leader

Sustainability Blog:
Cell or Text: 856-524-3248

Depending on the age or maturity  level, my goal is to transition players from "I need to get you to" being able to teach yourself.

Afterall, the best teacher you can have is.... yourself. Because in baseball and  life, there will not always be a coach/parent/teacher around to indicate where improvements are made.


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