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What's your favorite bat model? 271 - 33" ash? 243 - 34" Maple?  Why do you prefer this model/size/wood?

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Ash Model 271 33"...been using them for almost 9 seasons and love them. I order 2-3 each season love these bats!


My favorite is the 271 33" ash as well.
Maple c271 33" great bat with awesome sweet spot, last pretty much all season
33 I13 in maple.  Tried all wood types seem to like maple the best.  Had a few 243 birches but Like the feel of the maple best.
big fan of the 33 in Maple 271 model.  A couple of guys had this on some of the adult teams I've played for and the bat feels nicely balanced and just makes great contact with the ball.

271 birch 33" no cup. Bat lasted 6 tourneys in 3 years along with hitting with it every BP. Solid feel with a lot of pop.


I have been hearing you'll make some sweet bat I like to get one  to try this season.

I prefer model 243 in a 34/31 combination.  I have a tendancy to pull everything and the heavier weight slows my swing down.


Love the 271 Maple. The weight of the bat on this model just "feels" right, and when I square up, there is no comparable feeling! I usually prefer the Ash, but my last four Ash bats were a disappointment.
271 - 33" ash
33" maple is my favorite because its easy to get through the zone quickly, and when you hit it on the screws, it goes a long way.
I like the skinnier handle of the 271. Got one the first month of last season...lasted all the way up until it's 1st at bat of our 1st practice of this year!


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