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What's your favorite bat model? 271 - 33" ash? 243 - 34" Maple?  Why do you prefer this model/size/wood?

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We have a winner!  Congratulations to Gunnar Sandberg who won a 2-pack of pro quality wood baseball bats from Barnstable Bat Company!  Thanks to all who entered!
Birch 33" 110 no knob with cupping

I swing a 34" 243 cupped end.  Love the big barrel, just feels right when I swing.

I must say a birch 141, 33 inches and -2.5 to -3 in weight...

Or a Beech Yaya 325 in the same size, wanna try your bats though but since you're not CEB approved I won't buy one to use... ;)

I use an 11071 but I have found an i13 that I really like.


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