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As coaches I'm sure many of you have had a number of students that came to you holding the bat wrong by choking it and holding it too deep in their palms. When I began full time hitting instruction 4 years ago I noticed that over half of my students came to me holding the bat improperly. I found it difficult to get them to hold the bat properly because after I explained to them the importance they would do it that day, for that lesson correctly but then come back to me 2 weeks later doing the same old thing. After a conversation with a fellow Hitting Instructor I decided to do something about it.
ProGrip is a tools designed to push your palms off of the bat and into your fingers. After swinging with ProGrip on the bat it becomes Comfortable, Natural and Automatic to hold the bat in the fingers. Holding the bat in the fingers is a Universally taught theory and every good coach knows that by holding the bat loosely in the fingers it allows the fast twitch muscles to fire properly for maximum quickness and provides for proper Extension through the baseball.
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