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As Hitting Instructors and coaches the idea is to provide our players with enough quality information that when they leave us and move on to other things, they leave informed. The goal of every Hitting Instructor should be to provide their students with the information necessary to know what their swing is supposed to look AND feel like, that way when something goes wrong they can make adjustments on their own.
ProGrip Baseball just released it's first Hitting DVD called COMPLETE HITTING because that's what we teach at ProGrip Baseball. We teach our hitters to be COMPLETE HITTERS having the ability to hit all pitches properly whether in, out, fastball or offspeed. At ProGrip Baseball we teach our hitters to be able to execute everything that is asked of them on the field.

This 36 Section 1 Hour DVD puts the tools of a Hitting Instructor into the hands of Players, Parents and Coaches alike. We are not presenting any new information but we are presenting the BEST information available in a NEW way. We have created a system of ideas and principles that are the foundation of every hitter to provide for a universal language between Coaches and their students. In the section "The 8 Essential Pieces to a Smooth Swing" we talk about the 8 things that we believe are the foundation of every good hitter.

1.Grip-If your not holding the bat the right way you are not setting yourself up for success at the plate!

2.Stance-We don't beleive in teach all of our players they have to stand the same way but when the choose their stance we want them to make a CONSCIOUS and INFORMED decision. We want them to know that it's OK to have an open stance but EVERY Hitter gets to roughly the exact same Load/Launch position and all of the indirect, extra movemenet to get to that position makes it more difficult to get repeatability and consistency in the swing.

3.Load/Launch Position-Getting to a quality Load/Launch position is necessary to reach your full potential as a hitter

4.Bat Path-How many kids come to us as hitting instructors with a TERRIBLE bat path to the baseball. We want our students to understand what a quality bat path is and to be "Short to it and Long through it" We want them to know that because The pitcher is on a raised mound throwing on a downward plane and the hands start above the strike zone and the barrel starts above the hands that the proper swing path is "Down to the ball connecting with the middle to bottom third and extending Up through the ball" to create and achieve maximum backspin and lift on line drives.

5.PoC or Point of Contact position-All hitters at the Major League level are almost EXACTLY the same at PoC. They have a Locked out front leg and a flexed back leg driving their knee into the ground. They have "Palm up Palm down" hands at the PoC with a flexed back elbow to allow for extension through the baseball and their eyes on the PoC.

6.Extension-We want our students to understand that ALL good hitters have quality extension through the baseball.

7.Finish-Our hitters have options whether to finish with one hand or finish with both because the truth is that it DOES NOT matter as long as BOTH hands are on the bat through the extension phase of the swing. This is another signature to the swing and every hitter should be allowed to do what's comfortable for them

8.Balance-Our hitters leave us with the understanding that balance IS the most essential piece of the swing. With out balance from the ground up we have nothing as a hitter. A pitchers whole job in life is to throw off a hitters timing and balance therefore if we are able to remain balanced we can hit ALL pitches efficiently making us more COMPLETE Hitters.

After teaching our students a abse for the proper swing on our COMPLETE HITTING DVD we teach them what not to do in out section of the most common "Bad Habits" among hitters today. We address Wrapping the bat, Rolling Over, Overstriding, Poor Balance, Barring the arms, Casting the Hands and a number of other "Bad Habits" as well. Not only do we teach the viewer the msot common "Bad Habits", we teach you how we as hitting instructors would fix those "Bad Habits"!!!

In our Drills section we present the Drills and Skills necessary to achieve that Major League swing as well as provide every day practice plans for our hitters

In our Tips section we include things that a player can incorporate immediately into their game to make them a better hitter. Things like
--Developing a Routine to provide for more comfort at the plate
--What Soft Focus is and how to see the ball longer out of the pitchers hand
--An approach at the plate when you are facing a pitcher that is just nasty

Finally in "The Approach" section we tackle something that so many players struggle with. How many players are told to "Watch the pitcher before the game starts" and "Watch the pitcher" during their game but are NEVER told WHAT TO LOOK FOR OR HOW TO USE THE INFORMATION THEY ARE GETTING!!!!! In this section we address this all important question that so many young hitters face and provide them with a base of knowledge that will make them successful at the plate!

We spent a year developing COMPLETE HITTING to ensure that everyone would learn not just because of the quality information bu because of the presentation as well. COMPLETE HITTING will teach students Visually, Auditorily as well as Kinesthetically by repeating what they see on the screen. We worked extremely hard on providing a DVD that would REALLY HELP Athletes and Coaches communicate better. We believe that this DVD provides a base of knowledge that can help any player to learn what their swing is supposed to look and feel like when things are going right, as well as make an adjustment when things are going wrong.

You can find more information on ProGrip Baseball at

and to see sections of our COMPLETE HITTING DVD you can go to our you tube page at
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