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During a Junior Legion tounament, I was watching the game before I was scheduled to umpire and saw(and heard) something that presented an interesting question.

Situation:  Bottom 7th score tied at 7 not sure about how many outs but thats not really important.  Batter has a 1-2 count and just after the pitcher releases the ball for the next pitch a loud "ping" sound came through the PA system.  Batter takes strike 3 looking next batter grounds out and they're off to extra innings.  The home/offended team eventually wins the game on a wild pitch in the 10th.  Should or could the umpire have done something to resolve this situation when it occurred.  I promised some of the home team parents I would post this for more feedback.  Thanks  

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Unfortunately, the most the ump could do is warn whoever was operating the speaker. It's similar to the opposing dugout yelling when the pitcher is about to deliver. First you need to determine if it was intentional, and then you need to issue the warning. However, you can't overturn a call becuase a player became "distracted".
I have to agree with Jeff. It's regrettable that it happen. Agree that you would need to warn the operator of the sound system and the coaches of the reprecussion if it happen again.
The problem is things happen like this all the time, but I remember growing up with airhorns at baseball games. I don't know about anyone else, but when I was at the plate, I was locked in and rarely ever heard anything. If something like that was changed and the pitch was called a "no pitch" just think about all the times you've had a fielder that was distracted by headlights behind homeplate. If a fielder didn't see a ball leave the bat because of headlights were turned on as the batter swung is it a no swing?
I agree with the others. What if instead of a "ping", it was a bug in the batter's eye? And as you said, the next batter grounded out, plus they played three more innings. One pitch doesn't make or break an entire game.
Yes, i agree. I remember a day I was watching Randy Johnson pitch for the Giants and in the middle of his windup, a HUGE fog horn sound came from one of the ships in the bay nearby. It was loud over the TV broadcast muchless being in that park. Johnson about fell over but did manage to actually throw a strike at like 60mph or so... Everybody just kind of looked around but the umpire called it a strike and they went on with the at-bat. When seeing this i thought they would call no pitch but you guys are right saying that things happen to guys on defense all the time - so game on!
Now if Randy Johnson hits a pigeon with a pitch, I think *that* might be a justified "no pitch"
I agree with everyone on this. You can't call a no pitch. If the sound system acted up again I would have the operators shut it down. It's all part of the game!!
Game is over.

Ther is nothing the umpire can do about this. It is what it is you can not control noises from outside the fences.


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