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What is the best way to get involved in blogs and posts without pitching your book too hard?

Hey guys! I was hoping you could give me some tips on what sites you had success marketing your baseball books on? My book is called “Going with the Pitch: Adjusting to Baseball, School, and Life as a Division I College Athlete”. It is about my playing days at college.


Do you think making posts at various blog sites makes any impact? I do not try to advertise my book when I make posts but sometimes I feel like I do b/c I have to try to mention it somehow.


Plese let me know your thoughts and thanks for the help.

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Hi Ken. My advice to you would be to not try TOO hard! I read what you said about long tossing and I couldn't agree more (as long as it's done safely and correctly.) The reason I say that is because you have already proved you know what you are talking about. Some people are constantly promoting their websites and their products. That causes many people to put their cursor on the x button in the upper right hand corner. In a nut shell, keep getting involved in discussions, show people you have something to offer and they will then go to your profile to try to find out more about you. Do you know that some people use these platforms to push their products sometimes several times a week? (I don't push my product that I sell online.) Do you also know that I wouldn't consider buying their product if they gave it to me for a penny? The best way to lose me as a potential customer is to crowd me.

Hello, and thank you for your response. I have started to find the same thing as mentioned above and have really had to change approaches in the various blogs and forums. It is funny but I found that the people most interested in the book seem to be the ones I start up a conversation with ( say about long tossing) and the conversation just naturally moves to my book "Going with the Pitch". I would have never thought it, but it really is a learned skill marketing your book in the correct way.


I know I have been guilty of the "shameless plug" and am trying to now move to being a more reserved participant in these groups. There are so many hardcore baseball fans that it is too easy to get excited and plug away! Thank you for your advice as I know you are correct.


What is your backround in?  Again thank you and I look forward to continuing a discussion.

Hi Ken. My background is in playing, coaching and umpiring baseball. I played through high school. I've coached from t-ball to 15 year olds and I'm a certified high school umpire. I wrote my eBook from 2001 to 2009. "Excellent Baseball Coaching: 30 Seconds Away."


I guess in a nutshell....I love baseball! Watching it, talking it, advising about it and most important, continuing to learn more about it


I accepted your friend request Ken, but didn't see you added to my list. I THINK sometimes it takes a little while to show up. (I think)


One of the best internet marketers I know compared promoting your website to being at a wedding reception. If you just meet someone and right away tell them..."I sell baseball gloves on line," they will be turned off. Talk to them about other things first and then when they ask you what you do for a living or whatever, then you tell them. It's almost like they are asking you and you're not coming across as someone who really doesn't want to talk to them but is seeing them as only a means to making money. You will have a much better chance that way. And believe me, when this guy talks I listen to every word.   

Hello, I think we are friends on the site now but they seem to make it a bit more confusing than seemingly it needs to be. That being said I love your analogy with the wedding, it really is true. I have been on the other side so many times and always think "Who is this guy and where is the bar?"


I have started posting blogs on a number of sites, including High School Baseball Web ( I would suggest visiting it if you don't know about it) and am really focusing on being a very active member who contributes something new to the posts. My first month sales have been pretty good so I am excited to "refine my skills" going forward and see where the book takes me over the course of the year.


I will certainly check out your work! It sounds very interesting.


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