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I have a couple of baseball invention ideas and need some help with people that can help me get my product either sold to a company or start manufacturing it.  I have made a prototype and sent it to SKLZ but havent heard back yet.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you get them to sign a non disclosure agreement?

their form states they dont do non-disclosure agreements and now that i look back, it was probably pretty dumb on my part.  everyone i have dealt with but them, i have signed one.  probably lost that idea

Who did you send it to at Skilz?  Blyleven's kid is a product guy there and is approachable.

you guys can connect with Todd here-

Todd is the one that I spoke with.  I just get nervous because my idea isn't patented.  I dont have the money to get a patent.  Todd was very nice and explained that they dont do non-disclosure agreements though.  They said they usually respond in about 30 days, and its been about 30 days but I'm sure with the holidays they need more time.

Todd's a good guy; I'd take him at his word.  As for the 30 day deal - in this racket, 30 days is typically 45-60 :)  That said, the NDA question is certainly protective but simply keeps an "honest man honest".  

If a big entity wants to steal your idea, they'll do it and bet that you don't have the means to sue and stick to it for years on end to see it to it's conclusion.  Even then, if it appears that they'll lose, they'll settle for a lump sum and licensing fee if they can.  It's best to file at least a provisional patent and publicly show the product off so that there is a clear path to proving that you had the idea before the entity's product is in the works.  Happily, with electronic media, it's easy to timestamp/document such things as communication with the entity, public display, etc.


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