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The San Diego Force is still looking for college players who are looking for a place to play this Summer.  As is the case for all teams, we are looking for some Pitchers who have gotten lost in the crowd and are looking for the chance to perform in front of scouts and other coaches.  Give me a call and we will discuss our needs and your skills.  Bart Zeller, Manager San Diego Force, call me at


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To bad I am 30 and to old and not a pitcher, met Michael last year in Myrtle Beach, also the fact I am swedish and live in Sweden makes this even harder to grasp... ;)
My team over here is 10-4 for the season after a three game series this weekend whivh ended 2-1 in games in our favor... ;)

 Hello Pelle , I'm a Senior and have some information on the European Leagues and I'm looking forward to getting with one of the teams over there eventually. If you love the game and feel that you are still in shape ,than go for it ! All the best with your team there in Sweden .

I play in Stockholm and have been for the last 14 years, I can help you extekd that contact list with some guysin Sweden... ;)

Thanks for your replies, however, our club is looking for players in college and are looking for a summer league to play in....Love to hear about the passion and commitment others have for the great game of baseball.  Bart Zeller 847-380-6362


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